Rules & Regulations

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Students’ attendance summary to be announced after every 3 months. Students not maintaining the required attendance shall have to bear short attendance fine as per following structure:

-75% above No penalty

-60%-74% PKR 1000 fine

-50%-59% PKR 2000 fine


Leave of a short period can be obtained depending on the significance of the reason. A computer typed application must be submitted to the departmental head duly signed by the parents along with the relevant evidences.

Applications submitted after availing the leave will have low probability of acceptance, however, will be considered. Head of departments holds full authority to accept or reject any leave application. Rejected applications will be treated as absents.


School Timings: 9am to 3pm (Mon-Thu) &
9am to 1pm (Fri-Sat)

Break Time 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm (no break on Friday)

Edibles and drinks are strictly prohibited in the class rooms, labs and studios.


Students will not be allowed to enter KSA Campus after 9:30am. Entry will only be allowed on showing valid school’s ID card


Fees must be submitted regularly on a monthly basis. Your name will be stuck off from the register without prior notice, if the dues are not cleared for 3 or more months. 25% of current admission fee will be charged to re-register the name.

Late Stay / Arrive Early

Students must complete their work within studio timings. In case there is a need to stay on campus to complete the work due to tight deadlines, students must take written permission from the concerned teacher and must submit it to the administration.

Smoking and Thrashing

The KSA campus is a smoke-free zone. Any student found smoking inside or in front of the campus will be strictly dealt with. It is the responsibility of all to keep the Campus environment clean and tidy. Therefore, no littering or trash should be carelessly thrown or left on the Campus premises. The designated waste boxes should be used for the purpose. Anyone found guilty of smoking or thrashing will face fine of Rs. 500.

Dress Code

The students and staff of the university are expected to dress keeping in view the local cultural values. Students and staff should not wear tight or see-through dress or shorts (females). The dress should not have any script or image, which appears to be offensive or indecent. The students are not expected to put on heavy makeup or expensive jewelry.

Transfer Department

Students are not encouraged to change their specified departments at the end of foundation year, however, under exceptional circumstances and on justified reason it can be allowed, subject to availability of seats.