Saqib Mughal

Saqib Mughal

Visual Artist

Saqib graduated from Karachi School of Arts with first class first position major in Painting. Initially, he earned a degree in Computer Science to satisfy his infatuation with the animated arts. However, it didn’t take him long to realize his true calling was to become a fine artist. With time, he grew into an accomplished artist and was signed by The News International, while simultaneously completing his art education in Karachi, Pakistan. He published more than 1,500 visuals and completed his studies with distinction. In 1999, he moved to United States and started his career as a Creative Director and Painter.

After completing visual art education in USA, he joined American art circles. He has done several solo and group shows since in both Pakistan and the United States. Saqib currently works and lives in Miami, Florida.

Also Visit: http://saqibmughal.com/

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