Anjum Ayaz

Anjum Ayaz

Sculptor / Director

Anjum Ayaz was born in Lahore, studied sculpture and painting at the Karachi School of Art. He is famously known as a sculptor, TV actor and producer of some quality stage plays. Currently he is heading the design department at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi.

He works with different materials including metal, stone, marble and copper. He believes that art must not be restricted to galleries and to a small group of people visiting those galleries. In his opinion art is for everyone and it should play a positive role for our society. For the same reason he dedicated a lot of time to the works displayed at public places.

He has held six solo exhibitions; Arts Council, Karachi (1977); Rue De Lord Byran, Paris (1978); Atellar BM, Karachi (1980); Goethe Institute, Lahore (1981); Arts Council, Karachi (1990); Chawkundi Art Gallery, Karachi (1993) and Pakistan Mission to United Nation, New York (1994). Ayaz has also participated in many group shows at home and abroad.

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