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Fee Structure for Session 2021/22

Admission Processing Fee(one time, non-refundable) PKR 1000
Admission Fee(one time, non-refundable) PKR 15000
Security Deposit (one time, refundable) PKR 7000
Annual Charges(annually, non-refundable) PKR 3000
Tuition Fee(monthly, non-refundable) PKR 7500


  • Please note that any paid fee is non-refundable
  • Registration and examination charges are payable to Sindh Board of Technical Education
  • *Security Deposit is refundable only after completing 2nd year or 4th year and on clearance of dues from all departments
  • Security Deposit will not be refunded if student leaves in the middle of the session or even after 1st/3rd of studies.