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KSA expects and will demand discipline, dedication and sincerity from its students. Unethical behavior at any time will result in irreversible termination from the institute. In an event found guilty of misconduct, the Institute may cancel admission without any warning. For the purpose of this clause misconduct means willful disobedience and insubordination, willful damage to institute’s property, physical violence against other students, faculty or staff, possession or use of drugs and arms, habitual absence from classes and non-payment of fees without valid reason.


  • Students are advised to switch off mobiles in class rooms, examination halls, labs and library so as not to disrupt the calm of the said rooms.
  • Students are advised to strictly follow the code of conduct on the field and off the field while taking part in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior, especially while representing the University in an activity/competition.
  • Matters of indiscipline would be referred to the Discipline Committee, which is authorized to reprimand or check any indiscipline in any way it deems appropriate. Parents of students who disobey authority and violate the code of conduct will be called to the School.

Certain acts of misconduct are so serious that the appropriate penalty is summary dismissal. These acts are termed gross misconduct and are likely to include the following:

  • Theft, fraud and deliberate falsification of records
  • Physical violence
  • Bullying or harassment, including use of abusive or threatening language
  • Unlawful discrimination
  • Gender harassment
  • Deliberate damage to property
  • Bringing the Institute into serious disrepute
  • Incapacity whilst at school brought on by alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Serious negligence which causes or might cause unacceptable loss, damage or injury
  • Serious infringement of health and safety of others
  • Students are strictly reminded that gender mixing is permissible only within the accepted social and cultural norms of the society. Faculty tolerance should not be construed as an approval to undue intimacy and unacceptable proximity, openly or in isolated areas.

These are examples and are neither exclusive nor exhaustive.

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