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Common and compulsory to all four years diploma programs. Foundation Studies is designed on the belief that the traditional understanding of the basic disciplines of the visual art should be grasped completely. Helping students acquire these basic skills which provide the cornerstone for the
development of more specialized capabilities is the main objective of foundation year.

Foundation studies cover a wide range of subjects for all student regardless of their intended course infuture. It is basically the first year of diploma programs in Fine Arts, Communication Design and Textile Design. As the name implies, foundation focuses on the development of certain basic skills which are essential for all artists and designers such as drawing, basic design, elements and principals of design, drafting, colour theory, understanding of different mediums and an ability to communicate ideas visually.


  • Romila Kareem

    Associate Professor

    MA Art Education, BNU BFA, NCA

    Area of Interest: Printmaking & History of Art

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  • Hadiqa Arshad


    BFA, KU

    Area of Interest: Basic Design, Drawing & Painting

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  • Fatima Khan


    Diploma in Fine Arts, Karachi School of Art

    Area of Interest: Drawing & Islamic Art

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  • Hareem Zehra


    Bachelors in Fine Arts, KU

    Area of Interest: History of Art

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  • Moin Solangi


    BFA, CEAD (Jamshoro)

    Area of Interest: Sculpture

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