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The Textile Design program prepares students to meet today’s imaginative, technical and intellectual demands of the textile and printing industry.
This department proudly retrieves its decades of reputation based on student’s extraordinary creative achievements resulting from a thorough knowledge of Textile materials and processes of dyeing, weaving and printing.

It is a department where ideas are inspired by wide ranging visual studies, personal environments and nature. Students are encouraged to develop high-end customized methodologies of observation and analyze specific strategies for the transformation of ideas into tangible and usable design. With in-depth lectures a range of professional advice the courses in this department aim to produce not only excellent designers but also skilled professionals capable of supporting the industry. This department is also one of the first in the country to venture into environmentally friendly reusable and sustainable materials via strategic research and execution of intelligent design.

The department maintains professional and industrial acquaintances and regularly participates in local and national textile trade fairs and completions of apparel design.


  • Certificate: Foundation + 1 year (full-time)
  • Diploma: Foundation + 3 years (full-time)


  • Matriculate or equivalent
  • Minimum 45% marks


  • Admission Fee: PKR 15000
  • Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 7500


Foundation Year

  • 1- Intro. to Visual Art
  • 2- Drawing
  • 3- Basic Design
  • 4- Materials/Processes
  • 5- Drafting
  • 6- History of Art

Second Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Design Development
  • 3- Fabric Technology
  • 4- Tech. of Fabric Printing
  • 5- Application of Design
  • 6- Hand Crafted Textile
  • 7- History of Art

Third Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Fabric Design
  • 3- Research Project
  • 4- Fabric Technology
  • 5- Printing Process
  • 6- Weaving
  • 7- History of Textile

Fourth Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Hand Crafted Textile
  • 3- Fashion Illustration
  • 4- Research Project
  • 5- Marketing


  • Sehrish Imran

    Head of Department (Acting) & Lecturer

    B.Des (TD), NCA, Lahore

    Area of Interest: Design & Development

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  • Saleema Naz


    B.Des (TD), Karachi University

    Area of Interest: Weaving

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  • Yumna Ansari


    B.Des (TD), Iqra University, Karachi

    Area of Interest: Print Design & Printing Process

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  • Hira Shakeel


    B.Des (TD), FJWU, Karachi

    Area of Interest: Digital Textile

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  • Muhammad Ramazan

    Technical Staff

    Weaving Master

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  • Dinesh Mohan

    Technical Staff

    Textile Printing

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