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This robust program leverages its strengths from half a century of irrefutable legacy based on leadership and excellence. It reflects exhilarating, new convergent practices and encourages dialogue among emerging and traditional genre.

Studies aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of visual art and overall analysis of formal values along with different theories in visual art and school of thoughts. The program encourages students to develop independent learning, search and research for their own creative identity and acquire personal visual language while keeping their studio activity related to the bigger picture of social, political cultural and historical perspectives.

This program offers four major areas of specialization: Painting, Miniature, Sculpture and Print-making. Following foundation course in the first year, students are given initial understanding of all areas in the second year. In the third year students select one subject as major area of specialization with one minor. In the fourth year, students are required to submit a thesis project, which is taken as the apex of the studies. A panel of jurors evaluates the thesis project that leads to the completion of studies.

The educationists in this department pursue the responsibility of preparing students for a highly competitive and fast changing world. During the program, students learn to develop essential skills of self-management and professional practices.


  • Certificate: Foundation + 1 year (full-time)
  • Diploma: Foundation + 3 years (full-time)


  • Matriculate or equivalent
  • Minimum 45% marks


  • Admission Fee: PKR 15000
  • Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 7350


Foundation Year

  • Intro. to Visual Art
  • Drawing
  • Basic Design
  • Materials/Processes
  • Drafting
  • History of Art

Second Year

  • Drawing
  • Still Life Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Nature Study
  • History of Art

Third Year

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Miniature Painting
  • History of Art

Fourth Year

  • Drawing
  • Major Discipline *
  • Minor Discipline *
  • Open Subject
  • Photography
  • History of Art


  • Ahmed Saleem Paracha


    Diploma in Fine Arts, KSA | Area of Interest: Life Drawing

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  • Hameed Umar

    Technical Staff

    Sculpture Studio

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  • Habib Rehman


    BFA, CEAD-MUET | Area of Interest: Miniature Painting & Drawing

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  • Mushtaq Hussain


    BFA, NCA (Rawalpindi) | Area of Interest: Sculpture & Painting

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  • Naheed Afridi

    Head of Department

    Diploma in Fine Arts, KSA Certificate in Printmaking/Ceramics, USA | Area of Interest: Painting & Drawing

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  • Romila Kareem

    Associate Professor

    MA Art Education, BNU BFA, NCA | Area of Interest: Printmaking/Art History

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