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A multifaceted and dynamic Communication Design department takes its pride in delivering state of the art professionals in the fields of print media, publishing and direct marketing. With a booming creative industry in Pakistan and growing number of advertising agencies along with an ever-growing need for skilled professionals, this department holds great promises for the industry.
At KSA students of Communication Design are educated to develop a unique visual language based on a thorough knowledge of design principles combined with their individual design aesthetic and a clear understanding of related technologies.

Courses are designed to equip students with critical, creative and analytical knowledge in order to provide a range of career options in the field of graphic design and print media. The courses are taught not only to transfer latest state-of-the-art skills but are also tailored to broaden student’s horizon and provide a clear understanding of the global design industry and standards.

Advance level assignments are simulated to match the industry environments and challenges, including actual advertising campaigns, agency work and marketing gigs.

Students learn to analyze popular culture, trends, perceptions and utilization of such elements into their creative ideas for more effective communication. Today KSA Communication Design graduates are not only working for major advertising agencies, production houses and TV channels locally and globally but are also running their own business successfully.


  • Certificate: Foundation + 1 year (full-time)
  • Diploma: Foundation + 3 years (full-time)


  • Matriculate or equivalent
  • Minimum 45% marks


  • Admission Fee: PKR 15000
  • Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 7350


Foundation Year

  • 1- Intro. to Visual Art
  • 2- Drawing
  • 3- Basic Design
  • 4- Materials/Processes
  • 5- Drafting
  • 6- History of Art

Second Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Application of Design
  • 3- Typography
  • 4- Techniques of Printing
  • 5- 3D Design
  • 6- Illustration
  • 7- History of Art

Third Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Advertising Design
  • 3- Photography
  • 4- Illustration
  • 5- Advertising Theory
  • 6- History of Art

Fourth Year

  • 1- Drawing
  • 2- Practical Design
  • 3- Film/Video Workshop
  • 4- Marketing


  • Surraya Arsalan

    Assistant Professor

    B.Des (CD), NCA (Lahore)

    Area of Interest: Concept Development & Advertising

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  • Khawaja Sabir

    Senior Lecturer

    Diploma in Graphic Design, KSA

    Area of Interest: Graphic Design

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  • Haider Agha


    Diploma in Graphic Design, KSA

    Area of Interest: Computer Graphics

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  • Faiza Mishal


    Diploma in Graphic Design, KSA

    Area of Interest: Typography & Editorial Design

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  • A H Rizvi

    Assistant Professor

    B.Des (CD), Lucknow College of Art, India

    Area of Interest: Illustration, Printing

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  • Riaz Mehmood

    Assistant Professor

    BA, Karachi University, Diploma in Photography

    Area of Interest: Photography

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