REALIZATION OF IDEA | Story retold by Founder

Karachi School of Art is the realization of the idea which I conceived long back when I was about complete
my graduation from Lucknow College of Art in India.

After graduation in Art my youngest sister and I migrated to Pakistan in 1963. We found the new place different and only with a small minority of people who understood the language and perspective of Art to its full. Only proper Art education could help out the situation to propagate the required sensibility. I decided to develop a very small centre of Art studies through which we could take start.

My younger sister Hajra whom I always treated motherly stood by me in all efforts to materialize this idea of starting Art education that to all around us appeared alien. By the mid of 1964 we had completed our homework to start a small school with as little resource as we had but particularly with an accurate syllabus and strict discipline. Two years later Mansoor Rahi came in contact as he moved from Dhaka to Karachi after completing his graduation in Art. Consented with our ideology, he joined the newly started school with his strong academic background and great passion to teach.

The trio, my younger sister, me and Rahi worked harder more than ever to make stronger the foundations of the newly started school, the only one in the province of Sindh. The mission continued with the full zest in the form of untiring long intense sessions of teaching, day and night. Realizing the shortage of resources, besides our all efforts it was nearly impossible to meet the financial necessities of the developing school until we decided to engage in commission works.

Meanwhile Hajra and Mansoor got married and Hajra had to devote an ample time to take care of her family at home. Their growing family demanded more finance. Schools little income proved to be failing to meet our monetary requirements. Rahi started exploring alternative means of income that took much of his time away but the strong structure of curricular activity already in practice helped him manage still the best academic progress although having a brief contact with the students. In-spite of his all labours when financial burden increased to an agonizing level by late 70’s, the young couple decided to move to up country, The beauty of the northern areas they admired since ever and regarded as the purest pleasure to recreate and refurbish creative spirit.

In the absence of Hajra and Rahi I felt alone and under greater responsibility to survive with the future of school. In those difficult days sometimes I felt week enough and thought to shut down the school, stop my mission for a while specially when facing financial brake down and short of faculty. We needed someone as brilliant as Rahi with same dedication along with young teachers.

I feel proud of one of my old student to support the system at those most crucial moments we ever faced. It was Abdul Hafeez who joined me accepting the challenge to help me bring school back to its previous momentum and keep it from shutting down.