• Abdul Hafeez
    • Painter / Set Designer / Furniture Designer

      After completing is his formal education in Fine Arts, he joined Pakistan Television as a set designer. He worked with PTV for eighteen years and executed all prominent shows, dramas and musical programs during that time. He later established his own furniture store ARTIES and got known as one of the best furnishing designer for his unique handmade furniture.

      His area of expertise vary from watercolor painting to sculptures to oil painting to furniture designing. As a teacher he has influenced many famous water colorists of Pakistan including Ghalib Baqar, Ather Jamal and Zaheen Ahmed.

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  • Abdul Hayee
    • Water colorist

      Abdul Hayee, doyen of Karachi water colorists, was the initiator of "on-spot" painting in Karachi, many years ago. Hayee is one of the few water colorists who paints in the late afternoon, enjoying the deepening shadows. He was a source of encouragement to groups of younger artists and art students who assembled on holidays to paint from nature. Malir, west wharf, Karachi and its environs were painted with a loving eye to detail.

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  • Abib Hassan
    • Painter

      2011 Solo show Pulse of the verses a tribute to Faiz VM gallery Karachi. November.
      2011 Solo show Noor-e-seher gallery6 Islamabad. May
      2010 Solo show gallery 6 Islamabad. March
      2010 Solo Show Art Chowk Karachi. January.
      2009 Solo show gallery 6 Islamabad. January.
      1999 Solo Show Art Gallery Islamabad. April.
      1998 Solo Show Indus Art Gallery Karachi. July

      2013:Group show at Gallery6. Islamabad.
      2013: An Art Affair P.L. Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy at Prabhadevi, Mumbai
      2012: Sketch book Karachi School of Art Karachi
      2012: faculty show Karachi School of Art
      2012: 66 statements at Gallery6 Islamabad.
      2011: A Tribute to Usman Ghouri Karachi.
      2011: Karachi school of art 2nd faculty show Karachi.
      2011: Art bazaar at Gallery6 Islamabad.
      2010: Artistic way to bid farewell to 2010 at Gallery6 Islamabad.
      2010: Remembering the Indus water and life at twelve gate gallery new York .August
      2010: South Asian American art festival Santa Monica studio CA
      2010: Spring art fair Gallery6 Islamabad.
      2010: Faculty Show Karachi School of Art Karachi.
      2009: Group Show ‘Welcome 2010’ kicks off in style at Gallery6 Islamabad.
      2009: Group Show Gallery 6 Islamabad.
      2009: KSA gallery Cream of the crop. February
      2009: Group Show for Machar Colony CFC Chawkandi Gallery Karachi.
      2009: Group Show in Vogue Lahore.
      2008: Group Show Gallery 6 Dhanak Islamabad. March
      2002: Two Man show Zenani Gallery Karachi. April
      2002: Group Show VM Art Gallery Roll Call Karachi. July
      2002: Group Show Tribute to Ali Imam Indus Gallery Karachi. October
      1993: Three Man Show Art Collector Karachi.
      1996: Group Show Pakistan National Council of Art National Exhibition of Visual Arts. April
      1997: Group Show Kunj Gallery Karachi.

      -ARZ MAUOOD the Promised Land (Art Installation)
      -MASQAT NATIONAL DAY 8 Mural Size: 20’x50’ each
      -A project of truck art with moving gallery in it nationwide with Durriya Qazi.
      -Faux finishes and sculptures at Arizona grills at Zamzama.
      -Mural at the main entrance of PSO house Karachi.
      -Faux finishes and murals in Abu Dhabi at Sam Abbas showroom.
      -Faux finishes and sculptures at Snow biz at Zamzama.
      -10 Murals in lacucina restaurant at Zamzama
      -Faux finishes in Cafe Flo at French cultural center Karachi.
      -Faux finishes murals and paintings in Bread people at khyaban-e- Shahbaz Karachi
      -Faux finishes in Clippers at Zamzama.
      -Faux finishes and murals in hundreds of houses in different cities of Pakistan.

      -Visual texture workshop at Karachi school of arts conducted by Abid hasan in 2008
      -Drawing workshop at Indus valley school of art conducted by Michael Eason artist from Australia
      -Senior professor at Karachi school of arts from 2008 till 2012.

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  • Adnan Yousuf
    • Creative Director

      CEO at Olive Digital
      Past: Interflow Communication (PVT) Ltd. and JWT Advertising Agency

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  • Amar Mehtab
  • Amir Taj
    • Chief Creative Officer at NAQQASH Concepts & Designs
      Founder Khanabadosh Research & Exploration Society

      Being a multidimensional personality along with his association with Art, Amir has also stepped in the field of Experimental Films and Documentaries and won an award in animated short film. Presently he is working on his first Experimental / Art Film.

      At the other side of the picture there stands a design director of his own creative studio the
      NAQQASH Concepts & Designs” providing original thought provoking ideas to the local and international industry. With his other engagements he always found time to interact with young talent and continuously remain involved in teaching. His inspiring and motivational lectures have changed the thinking process of many. His passion for design does not stop here he has also participated in many design competition globally.

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  • Anjum Ayaz
    • Sculptor / Director

      Anjum Ayaz was born in Lahore, studied sculpture and painting at the Karachi School of Art. He is famously known as a sculptor, TV actor and producer of some quality stage plays. Currently he is heading the design department at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi.

      He works with different materials including metal, stone, marble and copper. He believes that art must not be restricted to galleries and to a small group of people visiting those galleries. In his opinion art is for everyone and it should play a positive role for our society. For the same reason he dedicated a lot of time to the works displayed at public places.

      He has held six solo exhibitions; Arts Council, Karachi (1977); Rue De Lord Byran, Paris (1978); Atellar BM, Karachi (1980); Goethe Institute, Lahore (1981); Arts Council, Karachi (1990); Chawkundi Art Gallery, Karachi (1993) and Pakistan Mission to United Nation, New York (1994). Ayaz has also participated in many group shows at home and abroad.

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  • Anwer Jafri
    • Writer/Director/Designer at Tehrik-e-Niswan (A Cultural Action Group)

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  • A Q Arif
    • Painter

      Solo Show:
      2017 Citi Art Gallery, Karachi
      2014 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
      2012 Tanzara Art Gallery, Islamabad
      2010 Art scene Gallery, Karachi
      2008 Art scene Galleries, Karachi
      2008 Art Attack, Dubai
      2007 Native Art Gallery, Lahore
      2007 Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad
      2007 Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi
      2006 Croweaters Art Gallery, Karachi
      2006 Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore
      2005 Nomad Art Gallery, Karachi
      2004 Clifton Art, Gallery, Karachi
      2003 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
      2002 Zainani Art Gallery, Karachi
      1998 Sheraton Hotel, Karachi

      Group Shows (Selected/Recent):
      2014 Parallel Perceptions, Art Citi
      2012 Hyderabad Dakin India
      2012 Bombay ICAC Gallery, Lahore
      2012 Two Men Show, Ejaz, Gallery, Lahore
      2012 Jeddah
      2012 Group Show, Italy
      2012 Ocean Art Gallery, Lahore
      2011 Art Gallery, Florence, Italy
      2011 Singapore Artist Fusious Pakistan
      2011 New York, Expo
      2011 IVS for Usman Ghauri
      2010 New York; ICO Gallery, USA
      2010 Masqat By Ejaz Art Gallery
      2008 Himalayan Festival, California, U.S.A

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  • Ather Jamal
    • Water colorist

      Ather Jamal is an artist renowned for his immaculate painting techniques and perceptive powers of observation. Though he appreciates the moods of nature, he has been primarily interested in people and their lives. His impressions of the city are full of life showing street vendors, busy shoppers and people dodging the traffic on the roads. He is also intrigued by echoes of the past in Karachi’s old, neglected buildings showing vestiges of former glory and discovering remnants of design. Often in the artist’s cityscapes there are unexpected touches, serendipity, with nature throwing green shoots in unexpected places and large trees offering shelter to myriad birds.

      Over a period of years the artist extensively documented the life of the people in the renowned `Thar’ series. In this work Ather Jamal captured the traditional costumes and jewellery of the womenfolk in contrast to the arid environment intended as research material for future generations to study.

      In 1998 he was commissioned by the National Defense College, Islamabad, to paint a mural on the theme of the history of Pakistan, and he completed a forty feet by six feet artwork now prominently displayed; it may be viewed by visitors today. He also painted a magnificent portrait of the Quaid-i-Azam for the Presidency. Towards the close of the century he joined the faculty of the Indus Valley School as Associate Professor.

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  • Danish Ahmed
    • Assistant Professor (Head of Foundation Program), IVS, Karachi 2016 - Present
      Associate Professor TIP, Karachi 1999 – 2015
      Part-time Lecturer (CoFA), UNSW, Sydney, Australia Mar – Nov 2009
      Director The Institute of Art & Design (IAD) 1998 – 2000
      Lecturer Karachi School of Art, Karachi 1995 – 1998

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  • Danish Raza
    • Visual Artist / Creative Director

      Danish Raza is a fine artist who considers himself as an artist with a post-globalization oriented mindset. Danish has a very idiosyncratic approach in his creative process that crosses periods, genres and cultural influences and the resulting artworks are reflective of his fertile mind.

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  • Ghalib Baqar
    • Painter / Water colorist / Winner of Int. Biennale of SAARC Countries 1987

      Ghalib Baqar is one of the most prominent names in watercolor painting of Pakistan. His unique style and vibrant colors makes him stand out among the other contemporaries in watercolor painting.

      After completing his education Baqar joined Baluchistan Arts Council and served there for 5 years. He taught at the Karachi Grammar School from 1992 to 2001. During this time he also regularly conducted workshops at the Karachi School of Art, Indus Valley School of Art and Visual Studies Department, KU. Despite his teaching and training engagements his own art always remained his top priority. He never took any break from painting. Baqar has eight solo exhibitions and over 100 international and national group shows to his credit. His first solo exhibition was held at BM Gallery in 1983 and it was inaugurated by noted scientist, intellectual, and painter Dr. Salimuzaman Siddiqui. In 1991, Baqar had a solo exhibition at Indus Art Gallery managed by Pakistan's leading artist Ali Imam.

      Ghalib Baqar has also won one international and six national awards in his career so far with bagging first prize at Biennial International Competition of SAARC countries in 1988 as the most prominent.

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  • G N Qazi
    • Painter

      Solo Exhibitions
      2013 Vogue Art Gallery Lahore
      2011 OCEAN Art Galleries Lahore
      2008 ZENAINI Art Gallery Karachi
      2007 Unicorn Art Gallery Karachi
      2006 Croweater Art Gallery Lahore
      2005 Croweater Art Gallery Lahore
      2004 ZENAINI Art Gallery Karachi
      2003 The Art Gallery Karachi
      2003 Mashos Art Gallery Karachi
      2002 Nomad Art Gallery Karachi
      2002 The Art Gallery Karachi
      2001 Majmua Art Gallery Karachi
      2001 Nomad Art Gallery Karachi
      2001 Nomad Art Gallery Karachi
      2000 Nomad Art Gallery Karachi

      Tow Persons Show:
      2012 Louvr Art Gallery Karachi
      2002 Hotel Sheraton Art Gallery Karachi
      2001 Nomad Art Gallery Karachi
      2000 Hotel Sheraton Art Gallery Karachi

      Selected Grop Exhibitions:
      2013 Momart Art Gallery Karachi
      2013 Mina Al Salam Hotel Dubai
      2012 Koel Art Gallery Karachi
      2010 LOUVRE Art Gallery Karachi
      2010 Oyster Art Gallery Lahore.

      Art Fairs:
      2008 Artists Fair Chelsea, London

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  • Kamran Khan
    • 3D Artist

      Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
      Adjunct Faculty · 30 October 2017 to present · Karachi, Pakistan
      Department of Communication Design

      Visiting Faculty · October 2012 to present · Karachi, Pakistan

      Waadi Animations
      Writer / Animation Director / Head of Production · September 2012 to present · Karachi, Pakistan

      Iqra University - IU
      Visiting Faculty · July 2014 to May 2016 · Karachi, Pakistan

      Dunya News
      Senior Character Animator · 2011 to 2012 · Lahore, Pakistan

      Sharp Image
      Animation Supervisor · August 2007 to April 2010 · Karachi, Pakistan

      Post Amazers
      Animator · February 2007 to July 2007
      Working as a Character Animator

      Sharp Image (pvt) Ltd
      Animator · July 2005 to December 2006
      Working as a Character Animator

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  • Lubna Agha
    • Painter

      An important figure in American Pakistan art circles, Lubna Agha’s work involves discourse with her personal history. Whereas the revival of miniature paintings and calligraphy characterize much of modern Pakistan art and contemporary Islamic paintings, Agha’s work draws inspiration from the rich tradition of the past where the meditative and ornamental qualities of the original media take on new meaning and intimacy.

      Her art invokes a dialogue between the modern-abstract and the traditional forms and practices of Islamic paintings. Her paintings are part of several private and public collections. Her work has been exhibited in art museums and galleries in her homelands of Pakistan and the United States, as well as Britain, Japan, Jordan, and Switzerland.

      Also Visit: http://www.lubnaagha.com/

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  • Mashkoor Raza
    • Painter

      2007 President’s Award for Pride of Performance
      1985 2nd Prize, National Exhibition by Idara-e-Saqafat-e-Pakistan

      2017 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery Karachi
      2011 Solo Show at Tanzara Art Gallery Islamabad
      2010 Solo Show at Nomad Art Islamabad
      2009 Solo Show at Nomad Art Islamabad
      2008 Solo Show at Collectors Galleria Lahore
      2008 Solo Show at Tanzara Art Gallery Lahore
      2007 Solo Show at Native Art Gallery Lahore
      2007 Solo Show at U.S.A
      2007 Solo Show at Dubai
      2006 Solo Show at Delhi India
      2006 Solo Show at Hongkong
      2005 Solo Show at Gul mohar Gallery Karachi
      2005 Two Man Show at Native Art Gallery Lahore
      2004 Solo Show at Croweaters Gallery Lahore
      2004 Solo Show at Alliance Francaise Karachi
      2003 Solo Show at Nomad Art Islamabad
      2002 Solo Show st Clifton Art Gallery Karachi
      2001 Solo Show at Art Gallery Islamabad
      2000 Solo Show at Croweaters Gallery Lahore
      1998 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery Karachi
      1997 Solo Show at Momart Gallery Karachi
      1996 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery Karachi
      1995 Solo Show at Artwala Gallery
      1994 Solo Show at Indus Art Gallery Karachi
      1993 Solo Show at Clifton Art Gallery Karachi
      1992 Solo Show at Art Gallery, Islamabad
      1991 Solo Show at Chowkandi Art Gallery Karachi
      1988 Solo Show at Chowkandi Art Gallery Karachi
      1987 Solo Show at Sheraton Art Gallery
      1986 Solo Show, Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan
      1985 Solo Show at Indus Gallery Karachi
      1984 Solo Show at Shakir Ali Museum, Lahore
      1983 Solo Show at Gallery II, Karachi
      1982 Solo Show at Pakistan Art Council Karachi
      1981 National Exhibitions, Islamabad
      1980 Solo Show at Indus Gallery, Karachi

      Besides above Exhibitions he has Participated in many national & international group shows in USA, Izmir, London, West-Germany, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Bahrain and Iran.

      Paintings Selected for Paintings Collections to Albert Museum, London.

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  • Moazzam Ali
    • Water Colorist

      2012 – Dubai UAE
      2010 – Karachi Pakistan
      2008 – Lahore Pakistan
      2004 – New York USA
      2003 – Karachi Pakistan
      2002 – Lahore Pakistan
      2002 – Karachi Pakistan
      1999 – Karachi Pakistan
      1998 – Toronto Canada
      1996 – Toronto Canada
      1995 – Karachi Pakistan
      1994 – Washington D.C. USA
      1982 – Islamabad Pakistan

      Held countless group exhibitions.

      - A wide experienced position of Principal for 6 years in Art Colleges.
      - Worked as an Art Director for 8 years in reputed Advertising Agencies.
      - A great honor for paintings to be commissioned and collected by President's House, Prime Minister's House, Governor's House, Embassies, Consulates, Banks, Five Star Hotels, Museums, Palaces, Organizations and Homes of Art Lovers and Art Collectors.
      - More than 600 original watercolor paintings commissioned by Sheraton Hotel to grace their guestrooms, corridors, restaurants etc.

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  • Naheed Afridi
    • Painter / Head of Fine Art Department (KSA)

      EXHIBITIONS (Selected)
      2012 Sketchbook, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2012 Faculty Show 3, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2011 Faculty Show 2, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2010 Faculty Show, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2009 Group Show, Gallery 919, Karachi
      2009 Group Show, Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
      2009 Group Show, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2009 Group Show, KSA Gallery, Karachi
      2008 Students, Faculty group Exhibition, KSA Gallery
      2007 Inaugural Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Islamabad
      2006 Solo Show, Alliance Française, Karachi
      2006 Group Show–Artists from Pakistan, Delhi, India
      2006 Grand Group Show, Gulmohar Art Gallery,Karachi
      2003 8th National Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Islamabad
      2002 National Exhibition, The Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore
      2002 'The Roll Call, V. M. Gallery, Karachi
      2002 Solo Exhibition, V. M. Gallery, Karachi
      2002 National Exhibition, The Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore
      1998 Group Show, Mansoor Rahi Gallery, Karachi
      1997 Group Show, Arts Council, Karachi
      1997 Inspiration, The American Centre, Karachi
      1996 Paintings for Charity Work, British Airways
      1996 Group Show, Hunerkada Gallery, Islamabad
      1994 Group Show, National College of Arts, Lahore
      1994 Group Show of Prints, V. M. Gallery, Karachi
      1994 “Truck Art” ‘Art Caravan’ from Karachi to Peshawar
      1994 6th National Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Islamabad
      1992 Group Exhibition, The American Centre, Karachi
      1992 Solo Exhibition, V. M. Gallery, Karachi
      1992 Group SHow, Sadequain Gallery, Karachi
      1990 Sind Art Exhibition, Arts Council, Karachi - Won First Prize

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  • Nazia Ahmed
    • Creative Director


      Dec 2016 to date Executive Creative Director Kueball Digital
      Nov 2015 to date Visiting Faculty (Advertising) Karachi School of Art
      Sept 2011 to 2015 Head of Account Management HEADLION Pvt. Ltd
      Jan 2009 to October 2010 Creative Group Head Ogilvy Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd
      1995 to Dec 2008 Creative Director Interflow Communications (Pvt.) Ltd
      1993 to 1995 Visualizer Coral Communications (Pvt.) Ltd
      1992 to 1993 Graphic Designer Blazon Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd
      1991 to 1992 Graphic Designer Bond Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd


      Nominated Finalist
      Aurora Awards, Karachi Pakistan
      For developing Outdoor Communication design for PEPSI Shahid Afridi Campaign

      PEPSI Creativity and Execution Excellence Award 2004
      Karachi, Pakistan
      For Successful Campaigns launched in 2004

      LOGO 2002
      The International logo Competition, New York, USA
      Logo designed for PEPSI Cola International on 50 years of Pakistan Independence
      Celebrations 2002

      Karachi, Pakistan
      Art Direction Collateral Design, Pakistan Textile Fair

      Karachi, Pakistan
      Greeting Card, Network Television Marketing

      Karachi, Pakistan
      Competition hosted by American Center Karachi on Earth Day

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  • Qamar Siddiqui
    • Painter

      Solo Shows:
      2014 Musawir Art Gallery, Dubai
      2012 Chawkandi Art, Pakistan.
      2011 Villano 6, Dubai.
      2010 Villano 6, Dubai.
      2009 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Pakistan
      2008 Villano 6, Dubai.

      Group Exhibitions:
      2012 Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles.
      2011 Embassy of Pakistan in Bahrain.
      2010 Art Select Gallery, Dubai.
      2009 Bastakia Art Café Gallery, Dubai.
      2008 Showcase Art Gallery, Dubai.
      2008 4 Wall Art Gallery / Vilano 6, Dubai.
      2006 SG Private Banking Gallery Alliance , Francaise De Singapore.
      2004 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Pakistan.
      2004 The Image Art Gallery, Pakistan.
      2004 Sheraton Art Gallery, Pakistan.
      2002 VM Art Gallery, Pakistan.
      2000 Canvas Art Gallery, Pakistan.

      2012 In Dubai with L.R.B.T
      2010 In Dubai with L.R.B.T

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  • Rehma Iqbal
    • Artist / Interior Designer

      2015-Present Assistant Professor Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design
      2014-2015 Assistant Professor Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
      2014-2015 Assistant Professor Textile Institute of Pakistan
      2007-2014 Head of Fine Arts Department Kinnaird College for Women

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  • Riffat Alvi
    • Visual Artist / Curator / Director VM Art Gallery

      Riffat Alvi was born and educated in Karachi. She undertook a special course of water colours under Mrs. Elizabeth Bassiet, American artist at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre and Oil Painting Advanced under Hamid-ur Rehman.

      She has established an International status for her work, having exhibited in Japan, America, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Hongkong and England. Riffat is currently Art Director at one of the most significant galleries in the Karachi, the VM Gallery in Rangoonwala Community Centre where young, talented, city and out of town artists of promoise can introduce themselves to a wide audience of viewers. Riffat promotes the work of young artists and organises a regular series of lectures and slide shows with artists and art critics. She is also prominent in bringing work from other parts of world to Pakistan and has many links with artists and cultural institutions worldwide.

      Her works are in collections in Germany, Austria, Britain, Italy, USA, India, Canada, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Kenya and France. Her list of exhibitions both in Pakistan and abroad is extensive and impressive and she has traveled widely in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was in Zimbabwe that she gained her inspiration and where she discovered the latent power of the medium of earth pigments.

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  • Roohi Ahmed
    • Visual Artist / Curator / Associate Professor (IVS)

      Roohi lives and works in Karachi. She teaches full time at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) in Karachi. She holds MFA from the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. As a multi-disciplinary artist, her work often draws upon cartographic references in order to investigate the ontological realities of human existence in a degenerating political, social and religious environment. She has exhibited widely throughout Pakistan and her work has been featured in the 11th Asian Art Biennial in Bangladesh and numerous other international exhibitions. She has been invited to Artists workshops and has been an artist in residence at Cicada Press, (Australia) Coast (UK) and Vasl (Pakistan). She has curated the exhibition Simply Paper ! And her co-curating credits include: Michael Esson: A Survey of Drawing, Michael Kempson: A Survey of Prints, Aboriginal Dreams and Let’s Draw the Line and 6X6: The Labyrinth in Karachi.

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  • Salman Farooqui
  • Saqib Mughal
    • Visual Artist

      Saqib graduated from Karachi School of Arts with first class first position major in Painting. Initially, he earned a degree in Computer Science to satisfy his infatuation with the animated arts. However, it didn’t take him long to realize his true calling was to become a fine artist. With time, he grew into an accomplished artist and was signed by The News International, while simultaneously completing his art education in Karachi, Pakistan. He published more than 1,500 visuals and completed his studies with distinction. In 1999, he moved to United States and started his career as a Creative Director and Painter.

      After completing visual art education in USA, he joined American art circles. He has done several solo and group shows since in both Pakistan and the United States. Saqib currently works and lives in Miami, Florida.

      Also Visit: http://saqibmughal.com/

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  • Shazia Qureshi
    • Painter / Print maker / Art Educationist

      Shazia received her Diploma in Fine Arts from Karachi School of Art with major Printmaking and minor Painting. She is known as a reputed Print maker, Painter and an Art Educationist. She has devoted her life to art teaching and taught drawing and printmaking at Karachi School of Art during 1994 to 1999. Currently she is associated as a senior faculty member in Fine Arts department at Visual Studies, Karachi University.

      She has participated in many group exhibitions including participation in 2nd and 3rd International Egyptian Print Triennial.

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  • Shazly Khan
    • Painter

      - Group Show in Dubai for Flood victims in Pakistan (2014)
      - Group Show “A Tribute to Women” Dubai (2013)
      - Solo exhibition at Full Circle gallery Karachi (2013)
      - Solo exhibition at NM gallery Dubai (2012)
      - Group Show at Canvas Gallery (2011)
      - Three man show at Indus Gallery (2006)
      - Paintings selected for “Made in Pakistan” at Karachi Expo Centre (2005)
      - Group exhibition of Takhti at Pakistan India Peoples forum (2004)
      - Group exhibition in 8th National Exhibition of Visual Arts Pakistan, Lahore (2003)
      - Group exhibition at VM gallery (2003)
      - Solo exhibition at Indus gallery Karachi (2002)
      - Group exhibition at Kunj Art gallery (1998)
      - Thesis Display at Karachi School of Art (1997)

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  • Sohail Zuberi
  • Tariq Jawed
    • Painter / Ceramist

      Born in Faisalabad in a religiously conservative family, Javed decided to move to Karachi in 1973 to pursue art education. It was a visit to Sadequain’s exhibition that inspired him to learn art and become an artist. He joined Karachi School of Art where he learned painting and sculpture in 1973 and graduated with diploma in Fine Arts in 1977.

      He continued to show his work at regular intervals and throughout remained a full-time artist. Though he was a popular painter, he was drawn to experiment with other disciplines; printmaking, sculpture, calligraphy and ceramics.

      Javed held 15 solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Pakistan, Japan, USA, England, India, Dubai, China and Bangladesh.

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  • Yawar Abbas
    • Designer / Art Educationist

      2011-Present Assistant Professor - Design, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
      1998-2009 Faculty Head - Design, KARACHI SCHOOL OF ART
      2005-2008 Visiting Faculty, COLLEGE OF MEDIA & ARTS, KIET UNIVERSITY
      2007-2008 Visiting Faculty, SZABIST UNIVERSITY KARACHI
      2001-2001 Visiting Faculty, KARACHI UNIVERSITY

      For portfolio review please visit: http://www.behance.net/yawarzaidi/frame

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  • Zaheen Ahmed
    • Art Educationist / Water colorist

      Despite working in different mediums during his academic days, Zaheen choose to work in watercolors as a professional painter. He earned his diploma in 1974 and Rabia Zuberi appointed him as teacher straight away. Zaheen served Karachi School of Art for 25 years and remained with it as a dedicated teacher until the end. He was Head of Department of Fine Arts when he died in 2000.

      Under the influence of Abdul Hafeez, Zaheen developed great interest in watercolor painting and eventually became one of the most eminent names among the Pakistani watercolor painters. He developed a unique style of his own and introduced abstraction in watercolor painting breaking the traditional landscapes. His work revealed a watercolorist of rare sensitivity, painting traditional aspects of Sindh in a wholly modern style.

      He participated in twenty one group shows including the National Exhibition in 1980 and 1982. He won first prize in watercolor painting at S.S. Haider Award at Peshawar in 1983 and Best Painting Award at Sindh Artist Exhibition at Karachi in 1984.

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