Qamar Siddiqui

Qamar Siddiqui

He is a truly talented artist and one of the most skilful painters of the current era. Qamar realized his passion for art in his childhood and soon after completing her matriculation, joined Karachi School of Art. He completed his formal education in Fine Arts in 1997 under the guidance of Mr Zaheen Ahmed. His artistic abilities were noticed by Rabia Zuberi and she always encouraged Qamar to focus on his art and avoid 9 to 5 jobs for quick earning.

Despite doing some jobs in early days of his career he remained focused on his art and always managed to practice it and participate in exhibitions. In 2007 Qamar joined Karachi School of Art as a teacher and devoted himself completely to painting and teaching. By this time he was an established painter with quite a few group and solo shows in his portfolio. His masterful strokes on large size canvases were gaining everyone’s attention forcing him to quit teaching and work full time as a studio artist.

He usually paints chessboards, keys, feathers and human profiles, forms suggesting cuddled up human bodies with specially attention to hands and feet. His colour palette revolves around red, blue, black, yellow and white. With all these elements and colours, he creates a drama of aesthetics.

Today, Qamar Siddiqui is one of the most prominent artists of the country with clientele beyond boarders. He has participated in several group shows in Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore and Los Angeles. He has held six solo shows and his work have been auctioned twice in Dubai for LRBT.

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