Amir Taj

Amir Taj

A designer, a photographer, a researcher, a filmmaker, a painter in short Amir Taj; a versatile and creative person in its true sense.

Received his art and design education from Karachi School of Art in 1991 did his thesis on Concept Cars. During his quest for knowledge, Amir founded a non-profit educational organization “Khanabadosh Research & Exploration Society” engaged in Archaeology and Palaeontology. Being a multidimensional personality along with his association with Art, Amir has also stepped in the field of Experimental Films and Documentaries and won an award in animated short film. Presently he is working on his first Experimental / Art Film.

At the other side of the picture there stands a design director of his own creative studio the “NAQQASH Concepts & Designs” providing original thought-provoking ideas to the localand international industry. With his other engagements, he always found time to interact with young talent and continuously remain involved in teaching. His inspiring and motivational lectures have changed the thinking process of many. His passion for design does not stop here he has also participated in many design competitions globally.

Being a sensitive human being, through mix media he translated his thoughts into abstract paintings and forms. In most of his paintings along with a symbolic man burdened by the socio-economic injustice, isolated Urdu and English letters and words, could be seen. The black, colour complimented mood of paintings. In another series a very positive development could be felt, an optimistic approach of the human side has been depicted.

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