A Q Arif

A Q Arif

Abdul Quddus Arif famously known as A Q Arif was born in Karachi in 1975. It was Zaheen Ahmed’s training and guidance that categorically transformed Arif into a highly skilled painter. Arif completed his Fine Arts diploma in 1996 from Karachi School of Art and right away started participating in exhibitions. Alongside painting he kept himself busy with art teaching on regular intervals. Arif has taught drawing and painting at the Mashkoor School of Art, Karachi School of Art, Textile Institute of Pakistan and Indus Valley School.

Arif paints the glories of nature and magnificence of God. He believes that there is nothing unnatural on this earth. According to him, beauty is not only in vibrant colours and pretty things like flowers, peacock and angelic creatures; it lies in the hands of man and in his heart. He has chosen architecture as his point of interest and his work reflects its complexities as well as its simplicity to complement each other. His colour palette is usually based on minimum colours and he works in their tones, so that the attention of the viewer does not divert from the objective. He works with earthly tones and the various shades of the night sky.

His choice of architecture usually limit to historical buildings from the Mughal period, shrines of famous Aulia or even newer structures that show inspiration from the Mughal architecture. Seeing his work creates in the viewer, a serene and harmonious sense, due to its blissful equilibrium where time just stands still and one gets a moment to view its tranquillity.

Arif held his first solo exhibition in 2003 at the Chawkandi Gallery, Karachi and since then has held 18 solo exhibitions at various galleries and participated in more than 70 group exhibitions as well. His work has also travelled to India, England, USA, Italy, France, Malaysia and Singapore. In 2012, Arif won the best artist award in an exhibition in Italy.

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